Vuurok I'pan was a Shamed One living in the Coruscant underworld after it was Vongformed into Yuuzhan'tar.


While on a conquered Duro, I'pan learned of the redemption of Vua Rapuung, and took to it. Later, he was transferred to Yuuzhan'tar, the Vongformed Coruscant, and joined Niirit Esh's group of rogue Shamed Ones. On a scouting expedition, I'pan ran across Nom Anor, who had recently fled after the debacle at Ebaq 9. Vuurok said that he was just a worker who got lost from his detail, but Nom Anor realized that he was lying, and demanded that I'pan take him to where he was going. But when I'pan asked if Nom Anor was a Shamed One, Anor beat him with such savagery that Anor himself was wounded. When I'pan brought him to his group of Jeedai worshipping Shamed Ones, they accepted him into their community, and I'pan told him the tale of Vua Rapuung in a dramatic style. Vuurok I'pan was believed killed when Warriors came across their settlement.



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