Vykk Draygo was one of many aliases that Han Solo used circa 10 BBY. Under this name, Solo sought work as a pilot on Ylesia and continued to use it while under Teroenza's employ. After Han, Bria Tharen, and Muuurgh stole much of Teroenza's private collection, a bounty was placed on Vykk's head. Once free of Ylesia, Han revealed his real name to Bria and Muuurgh.

Vykk Draygo officially died when Han went to Coruscant and enrolled in the Imperial Academy. Garris Shrike had finally caught up with Han/Vykk and intended to turn him over to Teroenza for the bounty, but an unnamed bounty hunter got the drop on Shrike and almost captured Han in the process. Han killed the bounty hunter and blasted off his face to hide any identifying features. He left all of Vykk Draygo's IDs and clothing on the corpse, attempting to mislead any other bounty hunters into thinking that Vykk Draygo was now dead.

Under the nickname Vyyk Drago, Han Solo leased out Docking Bay 3733.



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