Vyndal was a planet located in the galaxy that was covered with colorful forests, and rocky plains. Vyndal was also the homeworld to a unknown race.


At some point, a Jedi piloting a Eta-2 Actis-class interceptor crashed on Vyndal and was killed. Later around 4 BBY, a human male named Yeleb took the Jedi's lightsaber, and took it as his own weapon. During 4 BBY, a skirmish took place between the natives, Yaleb, Kanan Jarrus, and The Grand Inquisitor.[2]

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  1. Poe Dameron: Flight Log states that atmospheres habitable to oxygen-breathers, such as humans, are known as "Type 1" atmosphere. The fake Jedi shows that Vyndal's atmosphere is breathable to humans, therefore the planet has a Type 1 atmosphere.
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