WED00-88 was a WED Treadwell repair droid.


For unknown reasons, WED00-88 became a second-hand droid, and was then purchased by a Rodian mechanic and pilot named Kelko, who had saved enough credits for a used repair droid like WED00-88. Kelko nicknamed the droid "Weedo", and began using it. Kelko spent much of his free time tinkering with his droid; he insisted "Weedo" needed "only a few more programming touches and spare parts before it's perfect". Kelko also made some secret adjustments, including a blaster mount disguised as Weedo's nonfunctional holoprojector.

Kelko began working as a freelance mechanic and pilot on Shusko Station, a mining operation in the Gam Tim'nisi asteroid belt. He said he and the droid would take "almost any job if it pays right" (and something about Twi'lek politicians from Kelko's time before he met Weedo).

Kelko was informed by his grandfather Govenni that their clan had become wealthy, and owned Shusko Station, among other businesses, and told Kelko he could choose a business for his personal ownership. Kelko chose Shusko Station. Even after this unexpected windfall, Kelko continued using Weedo's help. Kelko also bought a new personal ship, Dindoo's Glory, and went on trips with his trusty old mechanic friend, Weedo.

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