"Captain! They're bringing the fight to us. Only a N-class freighter by the sensors, so--"

The WUD-500 was an outdated CEC star yacht design, with features similar to the freighters of the YT-series. It was also called a N-class freighter.

The Corporation intended to bring up a popular luxury craft besides their popular freighter designs. They, however, could never gain as much acceptance on the luxury market as the more famous-for-luxury corporation SoroSuub. It measured 18.5 meters in length and could be operated without great difficulty by a single pilot. As for cargo-space, the WUD-500 had room enough for three metric tons of cargo, as well as being able to take seven passengers.

However, sole smugglers required such vessels, as it features excellent sublight engines and hyperdrive suit as well as a fair weapons complement for a ship of its size.

The smuggler Jaxxon owned and modified a WUD-500 which he named Rabbit's Foot.



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