The WW-676 repulsorlift sled was a two-man repulsor vehicle which could be used as a weapons platform, primarily as part of the MobileMortar-3 system.[2]

The sled was powered by an X-7a repulsor engine with four integrated thrust vectors and a secondary XA7 drive unit located underneath the gunner's chair. These, combined with dual steering vanes located beneath the pilot, gave the sled tremendous speed and maneuverability and allowed it to perform elaborate mid air maneuvers in order to avoid enemy fire. These advantages came at a price however, as the sled lacked any armor and could be severely damaged by even a blaster rifle bolt. A frequent tactic then was to fly as close to the ground as possible before coming up abruptly to give the gunner a clean shot.[2]

When mounting the MM-s3 grenade launcher, an ammunition locker located beneath the pilot's seat could hold up to 500 grenades and reload the launcher through a connecting tube. Another popular variant replaced the launcher with an E-Web heavy repeating blaster and its power unit.[2]

Since its first introduction during the Old Republic, the WW-676 was used by both the Rebel Alliance and the Galactic Empire, in addition to planetary defense forces. They were often issued as support weapons for army platoons, or operated in units of four vehicles as light mechanized infantry.[1]


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