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Identify Weakness

Every walker was only as strong as its weakest joint.

"These weapons of war would be awe-inspiring, were they not so terrifying."
Supreme Chancellor Palpatine[src]

A walker was any vehicle, usually military, that used legs as its primary method of locomotion rather than the more common repulsors, wheels, or treads. The term could also refer to especially large droids with legs (usually combat droids), though such droids were usually referred to using more specific terminology (such as "spider droid"). The All Terrain series contained some of the most well known examples of walkers. The designs for walkers utilized by the Galactic Empire were directly inspired by the successful use of animal cavalry from ancient civilizations.[1]

Types of walkers

"Walkers are upon you before you know it."
―Saying by Rebel troops, dispelling the illusion of walkers as slow, plodding vehicles[src]

Galactic Republic walkers

All Terrain Tactical Enforcer

An All Terrain Tactical Enforcer.

Confederacy of Independent Systems walkers


OG-9 homing spider droid

Imperial walkers

ATST chron

All Terrain Scout Transport

Corporate Sector Authority walkers


Espo walker 91

New Republic walkers

Yuuzhan Vong walkers

Behind the scenes

Walkers in other media

Star Wars has popularized the use of various walkers and mechs in various media, from various Japanese anime to video games like Command and Conquer and Metal Gear. Most of these mechs bear resemblance to the AT-ST. Also, Japanese scientists have constructed a Land Walker which might have been inspired by Star Wars walkers.


George Lucas claims he got the original idea for walkers from the cargo lifters which reside in the port of Oakland.[1][2]



Imperial walkers in battle

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