Walker barrier

Walker barrier cross-section schematics

A walker barrier was a fortified wall designed to impede or halt a walkers progress entirely.

Typically set as a bases outermost security perimeter, the walker barrier was a wall and pit system built out of duralloy armored permacrete, with a five meter high power fence lining the top of the wall. The twenty two and a half meter armored wall was capable of physically stopping a walker from simply walking through it - due to its fortification - and was also strong enough that shooting through it would take time as well. Additionally, on the inner side of the wall were deep armored pits, designed to trip, trap, or impede a walkers progress. For good measure, a high intensity power fence is often mounted on the top of the barrier, and is electrified by a heavy power generator with enough energy to instantly kill a sentient foolish enough to touch it; additionally, mounted on each of the power fences posts are sensor pods, allowing operators to keep a watchful eye on the perimeter of the barrier.

Walker barriers were often used in conjunction with pit traps and high-gravity traps.