"Anyone on the starship will immediately debark with their hands in the air, and everyone will immediately lie face down with their hands in plain view. You are all under arrest for crimes against the Empire and for aiding and abetting known criminals."
―Wallace Fisk[src]

Captain Wallace Fisk was a charismatic Imperial Security Bureau agent with the Investigations branch, and had also served in the Surveillance branch. Toward the end of the Galactic Civil War he was assigned to Demophon, an assignment he hoped would net him a promotion to lead a sector Investigations office. During the evacuation of Demophon prior to its sun going supernova, Fisk was the highest ranking Investigations officer remaining at the ISB Headquarters Office in Selkren. He took personal charge of seeing all prisoners off the planet and overseeing the evacuation of critical files from the ISB headquarters.[1]

He led an ISB team that arrested Thadius Black, Daria Kellner, Joren Hunt, and Vernuss, but a group of Black's associates escaped with the political prisoners Black was attempting to smuggle out of the Galactic Empire. Later Black and his associates were freed from the ISB Headquarters Office while Fisk was overseeing its evacuation.[1]


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