Wan Sandage's Podracer was the Podracer owned by the Devlikk Podracing pilot Wan Sandage. He piloted this racer during the Boonta Eve Classic on Tatooine in 32 BBY.


It had unique characteristics, including an almost-insectoid feel to its streamlined design, and two wings that bracketed the thin cockpit, which was crested by a large sail-like fin—a customization by Sandage himself. The small engines had scoop-like curved fairings on them directing air into the turbines. The racer boasted high traction and advanced braking systems.


As well as competing in the Boonta Eve Classic, Sandage also piloted his racer across tracks on Ando and Scrapper's Run on Ord Ibanna. During the Boonta race, however, Sandage badly damaged his Podracer in a third-lap collision with a wayward sandcrawler. Fortunately for Sandage, he was able to salvage and repair his vehicle, and later piloted it in the Vinta Harvest Classic on Malastare.

Following his death, Sandage's son, Wan Sandage Jr., inherited his father's Podracer, and piloted it in races held two years prior to the outbreak of the Clone Wars.



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