"You two owe us for a round and two bottles of local press, and we'll take your booth and a hundred extra credits for our trouble."
―Wanatte to Kell Tainer and Ton Phanan.[src]

Captain Wanatte was a male Human pilot stationed on the planet Halmad.


Captain Wanatte was a short man with a craggy face enough for small snubfighters to fly the Trench Run Defense across. Wanatte was out drinking with other pilots at Rojio's one night when Wraith Squadron pilots Kell Tainer and Ton Phanan provoked a fight with their group. The bar's bartender called the planet's military police and when they finally arrived, Wanatte and Tainer were the only two who remained conscious and still fighting. The stormtroopers arrested all of them and on a deserted area, shot and stunned the Imperial pilots. The stormtroopers were actually the rest of the Wraith's in disguise, led by Wedge Antilles. They took all of the stunned pilots back to Victory Base; while Wanatte was stashed inside a skimmer guarded by another Wraith, Voort saBinring.

After completing the final part of their mission, which was infiltrate the base and steal its complement of TIE Fighters. Wanatte was still unconscious when the Wraiths returned to the skimmer. It is not known whether he was eventually killed by the Wraiths before leaving the planet.


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