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A River of Fire at dusk.

The Wannschok was a hot, rocky desert on the Nikto homeworld of Kintan. It was home to the Kajain'sa'Nikto, or "Red Nikto". The word Wannschok, translated to Galactic Basic, meant Endless Wastes. Another name for the region was the Fire-desert of Kinklath.

Once, the Wannschok was covered with beautiful vegetation. Eventually, however, the Endless Wastes were completely desertified and dried by the sun. Only dried wood from the old forests which once stood there were left, though a few plants managed to adapt to the extreme heat. The Endless Wastes were also known to have many large cave structures within their dangerous and jagged mountains and lava rivers (or Rivers of Fire as the natives called them) flowing freely throughout the Wastes.

Members of the Morgukai cult spent a month fasting in the desert. The Morgukai warriors Bok and Tsyr faced off against the Jedi Aayla Secura and Quinlan Vos in the Endless Wastes in 30 BBY.



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