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A statue of Wapoe.

Wapoe was a mythical demigod of disguise from the planet Atrisia.


Supreme Chancellor Palpatine had a bronzium statue representation of Wapoe in his chambers in the Republic Executive Building on Coruscant. Later, as Emperor, the Wapoe statue accompanied Palpatine to the second Death Star orbiting the Forest Moon of Endor, where it resided in a private suite of the hundred-story isolation tower which also housed the Emperor's throne room. The bronzium statue was lost forever when Rebel forces destroyed the battle station.

Behind the scenesEdit

Wapoe is incorrectly referred to as artisan demigod of disguise in Labyrinth of Evil.

Wapoe's name is a reference to prominent Star Wars fan Wayne Poe,[source?] owner of the websites The Ultimate Star Wars vs. Star Trek Database and The Dark Side.



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