"It is I, Wappel-Na. The hated. I am allowed to record my thoughts. My hurt. My pride. I foresaw the hunger. The drought. The starvation of children. I saw the Three must survive. The interpreters gave our food to the Three. The people suffered. Our people cry. I cry. To look at them is misery. I did not choose this."
Writings of Wappel-Na[src]

Wappel-Na was a Voss Mystic living on Voss many years before his planet was discovered by the galactic society. He foresaw the hunger during which the Three must survive, which led to interpreters giving the food to them leaving many other Voss to suffer. Hurt and hated, Wappel-Na was allowed to record his thought in the Writings of Wappel-Na on a carving outside the Shrine of Healing in the Old Paths.


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