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Wargo was a Drovian member of the Black Vulkars gang on Taris. In 3964 BBY, he was part of a group—along with the Zabrak Frazznik—who managed to apprehend the rogue Padawan Zayne Carrick and his Snivvian partner, Marn Hierogryph, both marked with large bounties for the murder of a number of Jedi Padawans. However, the fugitive pair successfully escaped from the gang-members, tricking them into believing a stash of spice was nearby.[1] Later, Wargo was conscripted into the Mandalorian forces on Jebble, where he again ran into Carrick and Hierogryph.[2] He was soon fighting against Mando-Raks, rakghouls who could use weapons. He then shot the red Crusader that had conscripted him, who had been bitten. He was soon witness to Carrick and Jedi Shadow Celeste Morne sliding down a snow hill.

Wargo was presumably turned into one of the rakghouls, or killed when Cassus Fett bombarded Jebble.


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