Minister Waric Nane was a Human male from the planet of Danoor. He was one of the four government ministers who ruled the planet and, like his compatriots, was responsible for the well-being of five hundred thousand citizens.


Political careerEdit

Waric Nane believed in a strong military and police presence, enforced curfews and strict control over anything inside Danoor’s borders. Many believed his plan for the government bordered on totalitarianism, but he managed to coerce both Ministers Opodim and Durhant to back his plan. Only Minister Mooren refused to support it.

After receiving several death threats from insurgents, Nane purchased assassin droids from the black market to act as his personal protection force.

Dealing with the EmpireEdit

In 8 ABY, Nane, along with the other Ministers, fell for the ruse perpetrated by Captain Rolf Treidum. However, several hours later, Treidum accessed Nane’s private study after bypassing the Minister's extensive security network. Treidum told Nane of his true identity, and of the benefits of joining the Empire. Nane realized that his vision of government meshed perfectly with the ideals of the Empire and promised to give it serious thought. Treidum gave Nane a strange trapezoidal device which could be used to summon the Empire in case of an emergency. Treidum only asked one thing in return—if the FarStar was to arrive at the planet, then Nane was to signal them immediately and delay them until Imperial forces arrived.

Arrival of the FarStarEdit

When the FarStar arrived a week later, Nane sent the message, then arranged for the crew to retrieve a mining drone from the Duhrib Belt in an effort to stall them. However, the FarStar returned to the planet before the Empire could arrive. Nane latched onto Minister Mooren’s suggestion that they should be directed to Makezh since they were in need of a navigator, and provided them with military identification to walk the streets of the capital, Eror Zeen.

Personality and traitsEdit

Nane had the habit of clasping his hands in front of him and constantly changing the positioning of his fingers.