Warrior was a Nightsister rank and specialization. It was one of three categories of mercenary skill offered to offworld clients by the Nightsister clan, the other two being those of hunter and shadow killer. All Dathomiri mercenaries, which included those from the ranks of both the Nightsisters and the Nightbrothers, were chosen from the successful endurance of the trials of Selection.[1]

A warrior wore the cuffs and shoulder armor of all successful survivors of the Crucible, and bore weapons (such as pikes) that were infused with "powerful magick" and could cut through any substance.[1]

"Transformed warriors" were also created by an expert shaman's skilled use of magick and green spirit ichor. To achieve this, the augmentative skills of a full coven of Nightsister crafters was also required. Ichor was conjured through the magicks of the Fanged God to transform a warrior into an avatar of primal anger; the rawest hatred was channeled to siphon the energies into hulking muscle and bone. The resultant warrior was massive, standing "a head taller, boasting a broad chest and spine-crushing arms."[1]

Savage Opress, for example, was a transformed warrior; the proud Zabrak grew a crown of horns "to rival that of a verne buck in autumn."[1][2]


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