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The Warriors of Shadow were an all-female cult that was an offshoot of the Taung civilization, also known as the Warriors of the Shadow. After the Taung species were driven off their homeworld of Notron by the Zhell, a number of female Taung formed a sisterhood and fled to the Unknown Regions to seek atonement through meditation and insight.[1] At one point during their history, the Warriors battled a rival cult, the Knell of Muspilli, above a moon in the Unknown Regions.[3] However, the Warriors of Shadow merged with the Knell and a third cult, the Kanzer Exiles, over the course of thousands of years on the twelve planets of the Nihil Retreat.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Warriors of Shadow were first mentioned in the 2010 reference guide The Unknown Regions,[1] and was later mentioned—and named as the Warriors of Shadow—in the Archaeology crewskill mission "Battle of Terror" in the video game Star Wars: The Old Republic.[3]



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