Wartime was a season on Gamorr, the equivalent being that of summer on other planets.

It initiated a period of military campaigning, often in retaliation for the raids in late-slushtime. Boars, un-married sows, and young boars in training marched off to war. They left behind the matrons, married sows, elders and a small guard of boars to defend the settlements and fortresses.

The military strategy of Gamorrean warfare was quite basic and involved attacking, plundering and the occupation of land. In early-wartime the clans participated in a number of small scale battles during which time each side probed the strength of the opposition for weaknesses. By the middle of the campaigning season the Gamorrean warriors had settled into the business of besieging opponents fortresses and as the temperature increase toward late-summer grand battles were fought as forces attempted to break from a besieged position.

The return to camp would be in croptime.