This article is about the freighter. You may be looking for the wasaka berry.

The Wasaka was a modified light freighter that was owned by the Wookiee Grouaggerl.


Shortly after the formation of the Galactic Empire, Grouaggerl landed the starship on the planet Daimar while en route to the world Kashyyyk, hoping to trade his services in return for some parts. However, the Empire initiated a blockade of Daimar, trapping Grouagerrl on the planet. King Mitar of Daimar assembled a group of individuals who were to locate his son, Torrin, on the world Byrsym, and they were assigned to travel there in the Wasaka. With the aide of his new crew, Grouaggerl was able to fly the Wasaka through the blockade, and they eventually made it to Byrsym.