Waste Canister Delivery Port 84-D-21 was a garbage launcher in Desrini District that suffered a massive failure. It normally launched its regularly scheduled payload of industrial refuse sealed in a shielded container. The projectile came into contact with a sizable obstruction, causing it to shred apart within the launcher barrel. As a result, the entire cannon assembly collapsed and four surrounding city blocks were wiped out. The canister itself contained 115 metric tons of concentrated industrial waste, including hyperbaride run-off, tricorrinium hexifluorine and destabilized hrucium.

The obstruction was found to be a shantytown of refugees living within the launch. At least four families of squatters were living between the fourth and fifth accelerator gates. The squatters tapped into the cannon's energy grid which disabled its obstruction sensors. Overall, the disaster killed 48 and injured over 200.

Rescue was done in full toxgear. Coruscant WeatherNet canceled prevailing winds to prevent airborne spread, although natural air currents caused by convection from the undercity still spread a dangerous cloud of industrial toxins. All non-pressurized structures in the surrounding 10 kilometer radius were evacuated.

Captain Nigella Mure of Desrini Rescue Ops reported on obstruction findings