"You're listening to Circle Vodo now? They couldn't predict rain if their shoes were wet!"
Lucien Draay[src]

Watchcircle Vodo was a group of Jedi Seers during the Mandalorian Wars, aligned with the Jedi Covenant. They were named after Jedi Master Vodo-Siosk Baas.

Circle Vodo foresaw a "mindless, faceless evil" and "a hunger" that could be made to serve the Sith. Krynda Draay's aide Haazen snubbed Lucien Draay by saying that he trusted them even more so than the First WatchCircle. They warned of a meeting of enemies and a "clawed hand" holding a "helical scepter," alluding to Arkoh Adasca. The foreseen menace turned out to be Adasca's ambitions to gain power by selling the weaponized exogorths to the highest bidder. The descriptions given above pertain to the exogorths and the uses they could have been put to.



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