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"Cipher Nine. I am Watcher Seven. My sibling and I studied your work in training."
―Watcher Seven[src]

Watcher Seven was a male Human Watcher within the Imperial Intelligence of the Sith Empire. Along with fellow siblings Watcher Six and Watcher Nine he was a new-generation Watcher - the latest achievement of the eugenics program that made their skills superior even to that of Watcher Two and Watcher Five. Unfortunately, this later proved a liability when the Star Cabal targeted the Imperial Intelligence. In the holorecording of Cabal meeting that Cipher Nine retrieved from Belsavis was hidden a signal fine-tuned to affect eugenically-bred Watchers, which put every Watcher present in the Intelligence Headquarters - including Watcher Seven and the current Keeper in deep coma, dealing the first of serious blows to the organization.


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