This article is about the Mu-2 long range shuttle. You may be looking for a different Wayfarer.

The Wayfarer was a Mu-2 long range shuttle that was owned by the Radell Mining Corporation during the Galactic Civil War. The vessel was modified and the size of the cargo hold was reduced to make space for four additional passengers, while a pair of proton torpedo launchers, turret-mounted laser cannons, a larger cockpit and a more efficient shield generator were also fitted.

After the Gray Griffins—a team of Rebel Alliance agents—went missing while investigating the planet Alluuvia on the behalf of Radell Mining, the Radell junior executive Jameth Todkal loaned the Wayfarer to an Alliance rescue team that was dispatched to Alluuvia to search for the agents.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Wayfarer appeared in the West End Games role-playing adventure Operation: Elrood. During the adventure, the player characters role-play as the Alliance operatives sent to look for the Gray Griffins and if the players lack a starship of their own, it is possible for the Wayfarer to be loaned to them.


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