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The Waymancy Storm was a conflict that occurred in 7811 BBY[3] when the Galactic Republic came into contact with the Waymancy Hollow, the government of the planet Waymancy. The Waymancy ships were equipped with energy weapons that were far more powerful and faster than any the Republic had access to, as they utilized incredibly efficient power generators designed by the group known as the Sisters of the Machinesmith, and the Waymancy warships easily destroyed the Republic ships.[1] The Republic rocket-jumpers participated in the ensuing conflict,[3] and the Waymancy Storm ended with a Republic victory. In the years after the conflict, the Republic reverse-engineered the Sif-Alulan process used to create the Waymancy weapons, and the Verpine Lyns Skutroo unveiled his modified squintpipe process to the galaxy several decades later.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Waymancy Storm was first mentioned in the 2009 role-playing guide Galaxy at War, under the entry for the Republic rocket-jumpers,[3] and the 2012 reference guide The Essential Guide to Warfare gave further information on the conflict.[1]


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