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We Fight, We Win was a piece of propaganda artwork created by Stassen Bine for the Galactic Empire. It was designed by the artists of the information ministries to put a face to the Imperial Military, instead of the identity-concealing helmet of a stormtrooper. However, concerns from the upper echelons of the military stopped any attempts at lionizing any specific Imperial officer. To the military, it was believed that aggrandizing any one soldier above others would bode ill for morale and run counter to the notion of Imperial identity through uniformity.[1]

As a compromise, the poster depicted an anonymous Imperial Army trooper standing beneath a banner displaying the title "We Fight, We Win" with the Imperial Crest in the center. The soldier was a holographic composite of over five thousand faces from Imperial Military rosters. The psycological underpinning of Imperial training, which deemphasized the individual, worked in conjunction with this approach. Imperial servicemembers could look up at such a poster and see themselves, regardless of any physical differences.[1]


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