This article is about the creature. You may be looking for the Tatooine individual named Weazel.
"Why did you call me a schutta? What does it mean?"
"I spoke harshly. A schutta is a weasel creature in my language."
Anakin Skywalker and Mazie[src]

A weasel was a creature that was similar to the schutta in Twi'lek culture.[1] The Mostlaa were considered to appear weasel-like.[2] Similarly named creatures included the womp weasel,[3] the bladderweasel,[4] and the scampweasel.[5] The smuggler Karl Ancher once deliberately mispronounced the name of the Imperial Colonel Vessle as "weasel."[6] Dellin Sorth, proprietor of Club Prosperine on Algara II, was considered by some to exhibit smarmy, weasel-like qualities.[7]



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