The wedding of Lew Organa and Fasha Teral took place on the planet Alderaan in 3643 BBY. Largely a political alliance, thought strengthened by the feelings of the young couple, the marriage was supposed to broker an alliance between House of Organa and House Teral and strengthen the Terals' position of power, which had been weakened by the attacks by House Ulgo. The marriage was almost prevented from taking place when Lew Organa was kidnapped by House Rist, allies of the Ulgo, on the orders of Jedi Master Sidonie Garen, afflicted by the Dark Plague. However, the situation was diffused by a Jedi Consular, who rescued Lew and cured Garen with the use of a shielding technique. Soon after the Jedi left the planet, the wedding took place, with Fasha Teral taking on the last name of her husband in addition to her own to become "Fasha Teral-Organa."