Doctor Wella was a scientist for the Rebel Alliance stationed at their hidden base on the planet Arbra three years after the Battle of Yavin. When Lieutenant Gemmer complained that a stone that he picked up at the now abandoned Golrath Station was flashing strange lights, he and Captain Hanc Thorben brought the stone to Doctor Wella for analysis. Wella used a machine to project the images given off by the rock, and they realized that the stone had recorded activity in the Rebel base on Golrath months before. Wella explained that the rock had absorbed light rays as it was heated, and when it cooled it released the rays, essentially playing back the recording. Princess Leia Organa realized that if the Empire were to discover this peculiarity about Golrath, they could have discovered many Alliance secrets, consequently she ordered two squads of Rebel fighters to destroy Golrath Station.


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