This article is about the Ruusanian. You may be looking for Wend Dinard, a human criminal.
"Please don't shoot. I'm just a kid. Like you."
―Wend to Rain[src]

Wend was a Human male who was the youngest son of Bordon, and the younger brother of Tallo.


In 1000 BBY, he joined his father, brother, and the pilot Irtanna aboard the Envoy-class shuttle Star-Wake on a rescue effort on his homeworld of Ruusan after the catastrophic Seventh Battle of Ruusan. After the Sith had been destroyed by the Thought bomb's effect, Wend, along with his brother and Irtanna went with the Republic fleet to rescue many survivors from the planet. During the mission, they rescued a girl named Rain, who was revealed to be the newly-trained Sith apprentice Zannah.

Along with the rest of the crew of the Star-Wake, he was killed by Zannah who stole the vessel in order to attain transport to Onderon. He was the last to die.


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