"You, Ori Garran! You sent your son to the scholars because he wasn't any good at the mill. And Wertram, your daughter."
―Adari Vaal, during her hearing before the Neshtovar[src]

Wertram was a Keshiri male who lived on his homeworld, Kesh, in the era of the Great Hyperspace War. Wertram worked as a tailor in the city of Tahv. He had a wife, and a daughter. Eventually, he placed his daughter under the tutelage of a prominent teacher and geologist, Adari Vaal, a neighbor of Wertram. There, his daughter learned controversial theories about the formation of Kesh's continents, contradicting the prevalent Keshiri religion. In 5000 BBY, Vaal was called up to testify about her findings by the planet's ruling elite, the Neshtovar; while defending herself, Vaal spotted Wertram in the crowd, and mentioned his daughter as one of her students.[1]

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Wertram has first appeared in Lost Tribe of the Sith: Skyborn, a 2009 eBook by John Jackson Miller. It is his only appearance in the Star Wars canon.[1]


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