"We've studied the Carvers, Zare. They always guard against a pass on this play and send defenders to the strong side. Every time."
―Merei Spanjaf on the predictability of the Carvers[src]

The West Cap City Carvers were a grav-ball team based on the planet Lothal. Approximately six years before the Battle of Yavin, this team played the AppSci SaberCats in their first match of the season. Prior to the match, Zare Leonis, center striker of the SaberCats, studied the final match of the team's previous season in the hope of gaining an advantage by learning their patterns of play. Merei Spanjaf, who was later chosen as kicker of the team, felt that Leonis's strategy was flawed as half of the Carvers were entirely new players for that year. Leonis objected that he was actually studying the coach, as while players might change, the essential strategies of coaches didn't. The match itself proved to be fierce, with the score tied 36-36 towards the end of the game. The SaberCats won 38-36 on one final play.[1]


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