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"We've expanded the universe."
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West End Games (WEG) was the publisher of Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game between 1987 and 1998, when the company's financial problems forced them to give up the license. Their headquarters was in Honesdale, Pennsylvania.

While all the supplements West End Games produced are out of print, some of the information included in their sourcebooks and adventures was used as background material for the Expanded Universe novels and comics, and some of the writers for West End Games supplements went on to write for the Star Wars Roleplaying Game produced by Wizards of the Coast. Much as with Marvel Comics' original Star Wars series, relatively obscure characters and settings from WEG supplements were frequently referenced in later Expanded Universe material by such authors as Abel G. Peña and Pablo Hidalgo (himself a former West End Games freelancer).

Lucasfilm's 2014 continuity policy change placed West End Games material under the Legends banner of Star Wars canon. Character and item statistics had always been considered non-canonical game mechanics.

Associated supplements, of varying canonicity, were also published in publications such as Dragon Magazine, Challenge magazine, Polyhedron, and, later, Dungeon/Polyhedron. Three West End Games sourcebooks—the Jedi Sourcebook, Tion Hegemony Sourcebook and The X-Wing: Rogue Squadron Sourcebook—were canceled before their release.


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