"These ruins have no strategic value, what's important is the record-setting crystal mass underneath."
―Colonel Baramak[src]

The Western Jedi Ruins was a region in the Eastern Ice Shelf, on the planet Ilum.[1]


"We're sitting on top of the largest deposit of crystal yet discovered. Republic knows they can't hold it, so they're going to collapse tunnels to keep us from tapping the crystal vein. That can't happen."
―Colonel Baramak[src]

During the Galactic War between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire, the Republic discovered a large deposit of crystal under the Western Jedi Ruins. However, the Republic decided to collapse a valuable set of tunnels to prevent the Empire from getting to the crystals. Colonel Baramak then dispatched the Empire's Wrath, Darth Nox, Cipher Nine, and the Hunter to destroy the Republic's mining equipment and prevent the obstruction of the tunnels.[2]



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