Western Reaches Operation

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"I won't deny that Kelrodo-Ai is proving a difficult target, but let's remember this: The Western Reaches Operation has restored security and the rule of law to eight sectors so far, with the successful liberation of 95 worlds."
Captain Shea Hublin[src]

The Western Reaches Operation was a campaign launched by the Galactic Empire around 17 BBY, to drive out the holdout forces of the Confederacy of Independent Systems from the Western Reaches.


During the final days of the Clone Wars, the remnants of the CIS forces fled to the Western Reaches. After the rise of the New Order, Palpatine tasked Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin with pacifying the region. In response to Tarkin's request for significant military resources, Admirals Terrinald Screed and Bannidge Holt were given joint command of the Western Reaches Superiority Force, while General Hurst Romodi was assigned to lead the ground forces.

The Western Reaches Operation captured the imagination of the Imperial citizenry, with the battles at Ord Vaug, Halm, Pendaxa and Ichtor becoming famous throughout the Empire. After Holt was killed and Romodi injured during an Iska pirate ambush at Bryndar, Screed's forces defeated the pirates at Fanha. The pirate lord Guun Cutlax fled to the Atravis sector, where he joined forces with the Aqualish general Kendu Ultho, but the Imperials followed and ultimately defeated Ultho's forces at Ogoth Tiir.

During the course of the operation, the Empire liberated 95 worlds and restored order to eight sectors.


Hurst Romodi

General Romodi leading from the open hatch of a Floating Fortress.



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