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The Wet Terrain Recon Transport (WT-RT) is a small walker used by the Grand Army of the Republic.


The WT-RT, or Wet Terrain Recon Transport, is a one-man pilot/gunner Scout/transport walker. It can reach speeds of 90 k/h on its two extra-wide feet. It features a rangefinder on its mid-section next to the mortar launcher and the pair of blaster cannons. A sensor pad is on the rear. A curved blastshield panel protects the pilot, who has a raised view and the walker also has a cooling vent in front. It is coated with a non-rust finish for use in wet conditions.


Commander Gree built one during the Battle for the Stolen Crystals during the Clone Wars.

Behind the scenesEdit

The WT-RT appears in the 2013 comic/LEGO set LEGO Star Wars: Battle for the Stolen Crystals Brickmaster.