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"I caught six the first day and thought I was the god of the forest. Then I named them all. My parents hadn’t told me that whellays were destined for the dinner table. There’d been so much to do, I guess it hadn’t occurred to them."
―An anonymous Republic soldier[src]

Whellays were non-sentient creatures native to the forests of the planet Okator VIII, located beyond the Inner Rim. Whellays were gentle animals that could easily be domesticated, and consequently were farmed for their meat and coats. Each whellay had a unique scented coat of hair and a unique way of whickering. An anonymous soldier of the Galactic Republic once made a record for the Caamasi historians of the Palace of Memnii, in which he remembered having caught and befriended more than six whellays during his childhood on Okator VIII, during the Tionese War. The young man's pet whellays were killed when a group of Tionese warships destroyed the settlements of Okator VIII and burned the forests.

Behind the scenesEdit

Whellays first appeared a cut story from The Essential Guide to Warfare (2012) by Jason Fry that detailed an anonymous Republic soldier's experience on Okator VIII. Information on these creatures was released in an online supplement on the Star Wars Blog on January 8, 2014.