"I can instruct you in the proper fluting for ceremonial introductions to the rebel leaders these, though as a human your vocal range will limit you to basic greetings and congratulations on a successful molting"
C-3PO, to Luke Skywalker[src]

Whiforlans[2] were an avian sentient species native to the planet Whiforla II, which was located along the Shipwrights' Trace trade route, that spoke Whiforla-song, among the most complex forms of communication in the galaxy. In 0 ABY, a Whiforlan rebel cell, along with several others along the Shipwrights' Trace, intercepted Imperial communications. As a result, the Alliance to Restore the Republic to sent Luke Skywalker to meet with the rebel leaders and retrieve data-tapes containing the logs, under the belief that they could give the Rebellion a picture of Imperial operations along the entire trade route.[1]

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