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The Whiplash Express was a nickname that was given by the Zabrak police prefect Pol Haus to a hovertrain that was used by the Whiplash resistance group on the planet Coruscant.


In about 18 BBY, following the capture of the Whiplash leader Thi Xon Yimmon by the Galactic Empire, several senior members of the group met aboard the hovertrain and formed the Whiplash Council, which was to take over leadership of the Whiplash in Yimmon's absence. The hovertrain became the Whiplash's headquarters and remained constantly on the move through the Coruscant underworld, so as to evade detection by the Empire.

Under the influence of the Whiplash Council member Tuden Sal, the Whiplash mobilized to stage an assassination attempt against the life of the Imperial leader Emperor Palpatine. Believing that the strike would lead to the downfall of the Whiplash, as a last resort Haus led a contingent of his police subordinates to apprehend the Whiplash Express and arrest Sal before the attack on Palpatine could take place. However, Sal anticipated Haus' move and left behind a car from the hovertrain near to an abandoned tube station that the train was due to pass through, which was filled with explosives. When the police officers located the car, it detonated and injured several of Haus' men.

Sal went ahead with the assassination attempt and the attack failed, leading to the deaths of most of the Whiplash Council. Sal withdrew to the hovertrain, which he powered down and stopped in a tunnel, and Haus tracked down the train and confronted the defeated Whiplash leader aboard it. However, Haus was followed by his police second-in-command Lieutenant Kalibar Droosh, who overheard Haus' conversation with Sal and deduced that Haus had betrayed the Empire and involved himself with the Whiplash. Sal fired on Droosh to prevent him from arresting Haus, killing the Bothan, but in the process Sal was fatally injured by a blaster bolt. With his last breaths, Sal urged Haus to hide the hovertrain away, so as the prevent the information stored aboard it regarding the Whiplash from falling into Imperial hands. Haus subsequently disposed of most of the train and hid the front three cars away in the lower levels of Coruscant, to await future use by the resistance.