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The Whirlwind was a Chiss combat cruiser. In 27 BBY, she was one of the main combat vessels of Picket Force Two under Commander Mitth'raw'nuruodo.

Although little bigger than a 115 meter Republic cruiser, the Whirlwind was nevertheless one of the front-line warships of the Chiss Expansionary Fleet in the area of frontier space around Crustai. Armed with missile batteries and the typical blue-beamed Chiss masers, she packed a powerful punch for a ship of her size. The missile launchers could also be used to deploy large shock nets, which could disable target vessels. A precisely-tuned hyperdrive enabled her to make tactical microjumps, and a powerful communications array allowed her to deploy electronic warfare techniques that could confound far more heavily-armed enemies.

When Mitth'raw'nuruodo seized a Vagaari gravity well projector near the Geroon homeworld, he installed it in the Whirlwind. This allowed the Whirlwind to play a crucial role in the destruction of the Outbound Flight and a large portion of the Vagaari fleet.

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