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This article is about the freighter. You may be looking for other Whispers.

The Whisper was a 3-Z light freighter that was used by the Rebel Alliance scout team the Gray Griffins during the Galactic Civil War. After the Gray Griffins were assigned to perform some exploration work on the behalf of the Radell Mining Corporation, the Griffins flew the freighter to the Elrood sector and they discovered the planet Alluuvia. However, the Whisper was captured by The Scourge, a local pirate group, and the Griffins were imprisoned. The pirates then sold the freighter to the Squib crime lord Slythor, who stored the vessel in space, near to the planet Korad.

A team of Rebel Alliance agents were sent to recover the co-ordinates of Alluuvia from the Whisper's computer and the agents negotiated with Slythor for access to the freighter. A pair of Slythor's Verpine hoppers escorted the agents to the Whisper's location and the Rebels entered the vessel. However, during it's time near Korad, the Whisper had became infested with mynocks and space mites, and the creatures attacked the agents. The Rebels defeated the creatures, then obtained the co-ordinates and departed Korad.


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