«Follow the Whispering River to the Canyons of Mist. At the third bend look high on the canyon wall.»
―Vulgarr directs the Ewoks of Bright Tree Village[src]

The Whispering River was a waterway on the forest moon of the planet Endor. When the Dulok King Vulgarr planned to kidnap the woklings of the Ewok settlement known as Bright Tree Village, he created a distraction for the village's warriors by directing them to follow the route of the Whispering River till they reached the third bend. There, he claimed they would find the Canyons of Mist, the home of a monster that had taken the Wokling Malani. The Ewoks followed the river, only to find they had been tricked, as only the lone Dulok Ulgo lived in the Canyons. Following a confrontation between the Dulok and the Ewoks, Ulgo fell from his home toward the river, but was blown by a strong gust of wind onto a flat rock instead, killing him.[1]

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The Whispering River was created for The Adventures of Teebo: A Tale of Magic and Suspense, a children's [[novel] written by Joe Johnston and released in 1984.


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