"But even more important is the fact that with the Poln Major squad destroyed, the Whisperlike you retrieved at the spaceport was abandoned and therefore could be retrieved intact by Vaantaar and his warriors. Studying it will give us vital insights into Nuso Esva's technology and warship philosophy."

Whisperlike-class starfighters were a type of starship used in warlord Nuso Esva's Eastern Fleet. It was possible to mount Caldorf VII interceptor missiles to Whisperlikes, but the launchers were only able to fire forward. Because multiple species flew Whisperlikes, the language used in their control boards could be changed using a translator card. Han Solo destroyed a large number of Whisperlikes during the Battle of the Poln system. In the aftermath of the battle Senior Captain Thrawn's agent, Vaantaar, acquired one Whisperlike to his master, who was able to use the ship to learn more about his enemies.

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