"I've seen the strength of the Red City’s lower citadel. I doubt that the White City's defenses will be any greater. Seven juggernauts will be more than sufficient to break through the barriers."
―Nuso Esva[src]

The White City was a city on the planet Quethold that was the seat of power of the Quesoth Queen of the White. In 8 ABY, the Queen of the Red and the alien warlord Nuso Esva plotted to steal some juggernauts from the Empire of the Hand and to use the vehicles to breech the walls of the White City, so that they could murder the Queen of the White. The Queen of the Red believed that this action would allow herself to live forever, while Esva hoped to be able to access the White City's industrial facilities and to use them to create vehicles that his forces could use to wage war against Esva's enemies. However, Esva and the Queen of the Red were killed during an Empire of the Hand attack on Quethold, preventing the pair from implementing their plan.


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