"Ey, Whizzah. We've been lookin' for yah. Jabba tells us you owe him some stuff. He wants dah money ... and he wants his spice."
―Big Gizz[src]

Whizzer was an aging Twi'lek with ties to Jabba the Hutt's cartel on Tatooine.


In 3 ABY, he owed Jabba both credits and spice.

Whizzer was waylaid once by Big Gizz, Spiker, and other members of Jabba's swoop gang. In an act of intimidation, Spiker pretended to kill Whizzer, but held back at the last second. Whizzer then bribed his way out of the confrontation by allowing Big Gizz to sample some of his Ryll.


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