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"Leave that to me. Send a distress signal. Then report that the ship was destroyed in an asteroid collision with all onboard killed."
Darth Vader[src]

The Wide-Eyed was an Imperial survey vessel that claimed to have received a text-based distress signal from the Tantive IV. Though the Rebel ship had, in actuality, been captured by the Imperial Star Destroyer Devastator, the BoSS report filed by Wide-Eyed stated otherwise. The fabricated distress signal read:

"PRIORITY DISTRESS ALERT: Captain R. Antilles, Tantive IV; House of Alderaan consular vessel. We have suffered catastrophic depressurization and hull damage as a result of superluminal collision with uncharted asteroidal body. Area is dense with debris and hazardous, but we require immediate assistance and medical attention. Advise strict anti-rad protocols due to nearby stellar conditions."

Roughly sixteen standard hours later, the Wide-Eyed "arrived" on scene and reported visual confirmation of the Tantive IV's demise and sensor confirmation that all hands were dead, including then-Senator Leia Organa. About nine years later, during the New Republic's rule, the BoSS casefile was closed and the fabricated story exposed.



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