This article is about Widowmaker, an Imperial starship. You may be looking for Widowmaker, a model of blaster.

Widowmaker was a frigate of the Imperial Remnant Navy, captained by Arien Yage. Lieutenants Stalgis and Tarl were members of its stormtrooper contingent.

Grand Admiral Gilad Pellaeon stayed aboard within a bacta tank when he commanded the Battle of Borosk. Widowmaker targeted the building that Jaina Solo was to infiltrate on her mission to Onadax. It later participated in the Battle of Zonama Sekot, and was abandoned as the planet once more vanished into hyperspace after encountering the Red Qurang. It remained lost in the Unknown Regions, and following the Battle of Yuuzhan'tar, Luke Skywalker tasked Tahiri Veila (who was traveling on Zonama Sekot) with locating the ship.


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