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"Changing your looks won't help much. Even with a wig or facial prosthetics you tend to stand out in a crowd."
―Groshik to Dessel[src]

A wig was a covering of the head made to resemble natural hair. It was worn by people trying to conceal their baldness or as a disguise—as exemplified by the cyborg pirate Attuma Duum[1]. Sometimes, elaborate wigs were used a symbol of high status, notably amongst the Tof from the Firefist satellite galaxy.[2] A person of importance was sometimes known colloquially as a "bigwig".[3] Some Hutts had the quirk to use live sha'rellian toops as wigs.[4]

When Leia Organa Solo was still a young princess of Alderaan, she was once forced to wear a wig after she deliberately cut her hair. Madame Vesta, headmistress of Alderaan Select Academy for Young Ladies, used to think it was improper for a princess to sport short hair.[5] Years before, her mother Padmé Amidala had worn a wig adorned with a gold faceframe during her coronation ceremony.[6]

Due to the mimetic nature of their art, actors and singers often wore wigs to help them slip into their roles. Wigs made those artists appear a different age or condition, but they sometimes were a question of mere fashion and taste.[7][8]

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