The Wild Menagerie was a Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-1930 light freighter that was owned by the bounty hunter Zan Ransom. Ransom heavily modified the freighter, improving its hyperdrive, life-support, weaponry, and security systems. He used the Wild Menagerie to transport the exotic creatures he captured as part of his trade.


The Wild Menagerie was a modified Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-1930 light freighter, a model in the successful YT-series of freighters. The ship had a class 1 hyperdrive, an improvement over the class 2 hyperdrive that came with stock YT-1930s. Unlike most transports, the Wild Menagerie had a fully functioning life-support system in the cargo area to facilitate living cargo. The 35-meter-long freighter's capacity allowed for one pilot, one passenger, 200 metric tons of cargo, and four months' worth of consumables. The ship's weapons systems had also been upgraded with a quad laser cannon and a belly gun set to stun. In addition, the Wild Menagerie had upgraded fire control systems and expensive security systems. With all these modifications, the ship was valued at 208,000 credits compared to the 135,000 credits for an unchanged YT-1930.[1]


The YT-1930 light freighter Wild Menagerie was owned by the bounty hunter Zan Ransom. Ransom specialized in acquiring rare and unusual specimens of exotic creatures from the Outer Rim and Wild Space. The bounty hunter heavily modified the light freighter, improving its hyperdrive and fitting the cargo area with a fully functioning life-support system for his living cargo. Ransom's illegal trade regularly got him in trouble with local authorities, so he equipped the Wild Menagerie with a quad laser cannon. He also added a belly gun that was set to stun for knocking down large animals.[1]

Owners and operatorsEdit

The Wild Menagerie was owned and operated by the bounty hunter Zan Ransom, who specialized in acquiring rare and exotic creatures.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Wild Menagerie was created for More Starships!, a web enhancement for the roleplaying game sourcebook Starships of the Galaxy. It was written by Brian Campbell and Owen K.C. Stephens and published on on November 15, 2001. The web enhancement leaves the time period in which the Wild Menagerie was in operation unspecified, however as the YT-1930 came into production shortly before Emperor Palpatine disbanded the Senate[1] in 0 BBY,[2] it would have been sometime after that date.[1]


Notes and referencesEdit

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