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Canon galaxy map

A simplified map of the galaxy.

"Those systems are beyond the Outer Rim, in Wild Space. Not on any map."
―Kanan Jarrus[src]

Wild Space was the name given to a vast cluster of unknown star systems on the very edge of the galaxy's rim.[1] It was located "off the edge of the map," where no one knew what was on the other side. In contrast, the so-called Unknown Regions were mapped but largely unexplored.[2]

The mysterious realm of Mortis was located in Wild Space, as were the planets Teth,[3] Indoumodo,[4] Thune,[5] and Lira San, the original homeworld of the Lasat species.[6]


Clone WarsEdit

With the outbreak of the Clone Wars, a conflict that pitted the Galactic Republic against the Confederacy of Independent Systems, exploration of Wild Space slowed considerably.[1] Three years later, the Republic emerged victorious. Its new leader, Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, proclaimed himself Emperor, replacing the democratic union with his own Galactic Empire.[7]

Age of the EmpireEdit

During the reign of the Empire, travelers again traversed Wild Space. The new government's Survey Corps even took an interest in the furthest reaches of uncharted space. Demand for maps of Wild Space increased as a consequence, allowing cartographers to make a decent living by producing and selling them. Auric and Rhyssa Graf, two couple of married interplanetary explorers, spent fifteen years making maps of Wild Space, until their capture by Captain Korda of the Imperial Navy.[1] Vinthar, a pirate of the stolen Super Star Destroyer Annhilator, was known to introduce his captain as "the pirate ruler of Wild Space! The glorious knave, Eleodie Maracavanya!"[8]



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